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School Based Distance Learning


Below are our Distance Learner Expectations: 

    1. Expect the same rigor as brick and mortar students.
    2. Engage Daily from 8:25 am– 2:45 pm – unless otherwise communicated by the teacher
    3. Attendance is taken via conference at the beginning of each period(middle school students)or beginning of each new session(elementary school students).  Learners who do not engage at the beginning of a period/session and/or complete the work assigned will be counted ABSENT. 
    4. Using the tools while in “live” lessons, such as the chat feature should be appropriate and not distract from the learning environment.  Students that choose to use these features inappropriately will be given reminders and families contacted for assistance.    

Request Change in Model Process

A parent may complete an application to request a change of instructional model by following the link below. Parents may complete an application to request their child change to School-Based Brick & Mortar or to School-Based Distance Learning. 

Applications are reviewed each week after 3 p.m. every Wednesday.  Applications received after 3 p.m. will be reviewed the following week.   

On Friday, parents will receive email notification through School Messenger if their application was approved or denied. 

 If approved, parents will be directed to contact the school to coordinate.

Reminders and Information

Helpful Links

Additional Information

DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP-At the beginning of the school year teachers taught Digital Citizenship to all students. It is so important that our learners are reminded of the virtual expectations during class each day. Below are ways that we are asking for families to support our teachers as we continue to learn in hybrid models. The teachers are doing an outstanding job in the classroom. They are planning and delivering instruction to brick and mortar students(student physically in their classrooms) as well as students learning through the distance learning model. This is complex and takes time to complete. Although distance learning will look different from teacher to teacher, all the teachers at MCA present “live” everyday to our learners. Our teachers are working harder than they ever have, preparing to meet the needs of our learners. It is amazing to see them at work and truly exciting to observe those students distant learning collaborating with our brick and mortar learners. We kindly ask families to honor the option selected at the beginning of the year regarding their learning model choice and remain in that model until the first 9 weeks. If though, families have a situation where a student should need to switch, the process identified above will help facilitate those request.

ATTENDANCE-  Distance learners are expected to be on time and follow their daily schedule.

COMMUNICAITON-  Teachers are not expected to be available 24/7 through Schoology. Should students experience a problem in the middle of a lesson, please do not interrupt the learning of others, simply call the front office and we will help. If you have questions or need assistance, please communicate through e-mail with your teachers. As a reminder, teachers and staff have 24 hours to respond.

PASSWORD ASSISTANCE – Let your teacher know or call the front office at 904-547-3720 between 8 am and 4 pm.