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Student Arrival and Departure Procedures

What is the process for Transportation Changes? Please email or send a written note to your child’s teacher BEFORE 8:00 AM. If there is a situation during the day and a change in normal dismissal is needed, please email [email protected] BEFORE 2 PM (1 PM on Wednesdays). Include your child’s name, grade, teacher and how they need to get home. We are not able to accept phone calls for transportation changes. 1. What time is it safe to drop students off to school? Students may be dropped off during parent drop off time—-8:00 am-8:25 am. Children cannot be dropped off by the tree and picnic tables, nor can they be dropped off in the bus loop (unless directed by staff and only after the buses have completed their drop off procedures)  of the faculty parking lot. 2. Will the Morning Care Program accommodate students of parents who need to get to work before 8:05 am? Yes, morning care begins at 6:30am, contact Mr. Art Thomas, Extended Day Coordinator (904 547 3751) for information. 3. Should children exit the car on the driver’s side of the car? No. If parents need to get children out of the car from the driver’s side of the vehicle, please park in the visitors lot, get the child out of the vehicle and walk him /her across the crosswalk. 4. If you arrive to school after Safety Patrols and MCA Staff have finished arrival duty, what should you do? Park in the visitor’s lot, walk your child into the building to be checked in and receive a tardy slip. Or you may park in front of the school at the curb, you may not park there for an extended period of time. If you need to be in the school for an extended period of time, please park in the visitor lot. 5. What time does dismissal start? 2:45 pm on everyday except Wednesday (Early Release ) which is 1:45 pm. 6. May I pick up my child early to avoid the traffic? No. Your child loses instructional learning time when this happens. Excused early dismissal: doctor appointments, sick family member. Please make every effort to schedule appointments after the school day is over, if possible. 7. May I talk or text on my cell phone when driving through the PP or PD line? Please wait to talk on the phone. Watch out for everyone’s safety, including yourself. 8. Do we have students who walk to school or ride their bikes? Yes. Coach Storey is responsible for walkers and bikers in the morning and afternoon. Students meet him at the flagpole in the afternoon and Coach Storey walks across to street to meet them in the morning. 9. Is there a plan for rainy, inclement weather at PP in the afternoon? Yes, there is a plan in place to keep the children safe and as dry as possible, but it does take more time then normal parent pick up. Please be patient during rainy afternoons. Keep our students safe. 10. If I have a meeting with a teacher before or after school what should I do? In the morning, after parking your car, enter the building through the bus loop doors, go by the front office and secure a badge. Leave via front office after the meeting. If conferencing in the middle of the day or after school, check in at the office for a badge and remember to leave through the front entrance after stopping by the front office to check out.

Parent Pick up and drop off