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Our next SAC meeting is Tuesday, May 31st, 2022 – 4:00PM

2021 - 2022
SAC Members


Art Thomas

Kaleigh Corbett


Parent Representative:

Tane’sha Cheptoo

Philip Dugas

Bryan McGuinness

Cindy Woods

Maureen Williams

Stephanie Sanalila

Nery De Los Santos

Jose Paradis

Sondra Hisrich

Helen Marcantuono

Malie Santiago

Christina Hannah

Luke James

Jennifer Martin


Dr. Ken Goodwin, Principal

District Representative:
Sonia Howley


If you unable to attend a meeting, please email  Art Thomas ([email protected]) or Kaleigh Corbett ([email protected]) Thank you

The School Advisory Council Mission: SAC was created to enhance student’s learning through the cooperative efforts of parents, staff members, and others in the community.

The School Advisory Council Responsibilities: *Review the school budget and make recommendations to the principal *Approve the vision, mission, and goals of the school for inclusion in the school improvement plan *Approve all professional learning activities for which teachers request payment *With the collaboration of the school staff, make recommendations on how to spend school recognition money.


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