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Our next SAC meeting is Tuesday, May 31st, 2022 – 4:00PM

Meeting Dates

Tuesday Sep 26 – 4:00PM
Tuesday Oct 24 – 4:00PM
Tuesday Nov 28 – 4:00PM
No December Meeting
Tuesday Jan 30 – 4:00PM
Tuesday Feb 27 – 4:00PM
Tuesday Mar 26 – 4:00PM
Tuesday Apr 30 – 4:00PM
Tuesday May 21 – 4:00PM

2022 - 2023
SAC Members


Art Thomas

Jessica Brumleve

Parent Representative:
Jessica Kaspar
Maureen Williams
Malie Santiago
Stephanie Sanalila
Christine Coglietta
Katie McWalter
Julia Domurat
Shila Zamora
Yvonne Yarbrough

Staff Representatives:
Heather Shreves
Leslie Anderson
Shannon Chicerelli
Bettina Franz
Carolyn Ramsay

Dr. Ken Goodwin, Principal

District Representative:
Sonia McGonigle

If for any reason you are unable to attend a meeting, please email Jessica Brumleve ([email protected]) or Art Thomas ([email protected] ). Thank you.

The School Advisory Council Mission: SAC was created to enhance student’s learning through the cooperative efforts of parents, staff members, and others in the community.

The School Advisory Council Responsibilities: *Review the school budget and make recommendations to the principal *Approve the vision, mission, and goals of the school for inclusion in the school improvement plan *Approve all professional learning activities for which teachers request payment *With the collaboration of the school staff, make recommendations on how to spend school recognition money.


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