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Mustang Café Information

Mustang Café Information
New Meal Patterns

 For the School Lunch Menu please visit at:

 Below are the 2019-2020 meal prices


* Student Lunch $ 2.80
* Visiting Child Lunch $ 2.95
* Student Breakfast $ 1.25
* Extra $ 2.10
* Milk $ 0.60
* We also offer other snacks  
* Water $ 0.75
* Apple & Even Juice $ 0.75
* Baked Chips $ 1.00
* Cookie $ 0.40
* Big Cookie $ 0.80
* Ice Cream (available on Tuesday & Friday) $ 1.00
* Yogurt $ 0.75
* Adult Breakfast $1.60
* Adult Lunch $4.00
* All Entree items sold apart from a meal $ 2.25
**Prices are subject to change** ** (updated 8/21/2019)
(Chicken nuggets are available only on days listed on the lunch menu.)) REMINDER TO FREE/REDUCED LUNCH ACCOUNTS If your student was on free or reduced lunch last year you must fill out another form within the first 30 days of school to remain in the program. You will be provided a new form when school start, if you did not get a form they will be available in the cafe’ or front office.

  • Every student will have their own lunchroom account number.
  • This number will be entered by the student when they buy their breakfast and/or lunch.
  • No student may use another students account number. (if you have two children attending Mill Creek we can move money from one account to the other)
  • You will be contacted by the cafeteria if your student has a negative lunch account balance of ($10.00).  We will no longer be able send home notices when your student is running low on lunch money.
  • Please feel free to email me with questions regarding your child’s account including account balances. [email protected] 904-547-3733 Caroline Russ Mustang Cafe’ Manager For more information please visit the county website at:

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