Mandatory Back to School Paperwork
Elementary Students
Optional Signature page – 17 (Health Screening)
Required Signature pages – 19 (Physical Education), 20 (Media Release), 21 (AUP), 22 (Code of Conduct)

Middle School Students
Optional Signature page – 18 (Health Screening)
Required Signature pages – 20 (Media Release), 21 (AUP), 22 (Code of Conduct)

2019-2020 Code of Conduct can be found here .

Summer Reading Challenge 2019
Elementary summer bingo and resources 2019

Middle School PE Uniforms and Locks
PE uniforms and locks for incoming 6th and 7th graders can now be purchased by sending money in with your student. There is a General lock which every middle school student will need and a PE lock which is only necessary for those students taking PE.)

Mill Creek Academy Mission Statement
Mill Creek Academy will inspire our students to become lifelong learners with integrity.

Mill Creek Academy Vision Statement
The Learning Community of Mill Creek will ensure that ALL achieve their fullest potential through challenging, purposeful learning opportunities where lifelong learning becomes a passion!

Mill Creek Academy SPAR Report

St Johns County School District Mission Statement
The St. Johns County School District will inspire good character and a passion for lifelong learning in all students, creating educated and caring contributors to the world.

We appreciate our Business Partners!

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